Thursday October 24 is PFLAG National Lobby Day!

The following information is courtesy of PFLAG National. PFLAG Blue Ridge encourages all members and supporters to participate in PFLAG National Lobby Day.

Dear PFLAG Members and Supporters:

No matter where you are this Thursday, October 24th, it’s PFLAG NATIONAL LOBBY DAY! 

If you participated in the PFLAG Academy Online Bringing the Message Home webinars then you know that this year we have designated next Thursday, October 24th, as PFLAG Lobby Day, whether you are in Washington D.C. or back home. No voices are more important to legislators than yours, you who live where they live and vote where they serve.

Some PFLAGers will be here and others are writing letters for their chapter members to hand deliver, but we need all of you to call and send emails to add your voices to PFLAG Lobby Day. Some legislators will be home depending on their schedule of hearings so you might be able to meet with them in person in their district offices.

PFLAG’s values are America’s values. We believe that people should live by the Golden Rule, treating others, including our LGBT families, as all people wish to be treated.  It’s time to let our legislators know that we represent our families–and our entire PFLAG community–for fairness, equality, and affirmation.

The steps are simple:

  1. Know Your Elected Officials. Click here to find your Senators and Representative on PFLAG’s Take Action page.

  2. Contact Your Elected Officials. Identify yourself as a constituent, share your story and tell them PFLAG’s values are America’s Values–that’s the message that we urge PFLAGers across the country to make clear to federal elected officials.

  3. Urge Your Elected Officials to Support and Vote. Ask them to please co-sponsor our bills if they haven’t already, and to bring them to a vote if they already support them.

  4. Share Our Legislative Priorities. Click here to download PFLAG National’s Legislative Priorities, which can be emailed or printed and left in person.

  1. Let us know how it goes. Email and tell us about your call or meeting, what any comments were and if they asked for any further information.

Thank you for continuing to be bold, and we’ll look forward to a sea of messages from PFLAGers.

Diego Sanchez, Director of Policy
PFLAG National